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The Simple Solution. Long-Span. Seamless. Tall. Freestanding. Solid and Strong. Engineered to last.

Our affordable shelving–bays range in length from 1.5m to 2.7m, and from 450mm to 1.2m deep. And can be configured in numerous different ways.

More Space. More Organised

Make space to store all of your garage clutter, and make it easy to find it all when you need it. Each shelf-level can hold up to 550kg (for our shorter units).

Home Workshop

Use your shelving bay to create a workbench, and store your stuff above and below.

Big Car? Small Garage?

Park your car’s bonnet under the shelving, and still have the space to store your stuff above (or sleep there if you love your car that much).

Custom Solutions

Our fully adjustable shelf-levels, numerous different sizes, and almost infinite configuration options, give you total control of how you store your stuff.


From chaos to organized. Make the most of your storage unit, creating more space, and stack to the ceiling.


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Home-Storage Solutions